Robin S. Dillon, Ph.D.
Lehigh University Philosophy - Robin S. Dillon
William Wilson Selfridge Professor of Philosophy and Director of Lehigh University Center for Ethics
Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Kant

My academic interests are in ethics and feminist philosophy. My research focuses on self-respect, seeking to understand what it is, why it matters morally whether and how we respect ourselves, and what the connections are between self-respect and respect for and from other people. I am currently working on a book on arrogance and self-respect, having published several papers and encyclopedia articles on the subject.  I work in the intersection of virtue ethics, moral psychology, political philosophy, and feminist ethics, and look to Kant and Aristotle for insight and inspiration. I regularly teach a first-year seminar on self-respect, as well as various courses in ethics (ethical theory, contemporary ethics, global ethics) and in social and political philosophy. In addition, I teach a course on feminist theory and one on the philosophy of sex and gender, which are cross-listed with the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, with which I has been involved for many years, including seven as Program Director. After serving as Philosophy Department Chairperson for 6 years, I was appointed in 2017 as the inaugural director of the Lehigh University Center for Ethics, which is launching in spring 2018.  Beyond Lehigh, I recently stepped down after 6 years as the President of the international Society for Analytical Feminism.


Recent Publications

  • Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card, ed. Robin S. Dillon and Armen Marsoobian (Blackwell, 2018)
Journal issue
  • "Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card", ed. Robin S. Dillon and Armen Marsoobian; special issue of Metaphilosophy, October 2016.
Recent Articles
  • “Self-Respect, Arrogance, and Power: A Feminist Perspective,” (forthcoming) Respect for Persons, ed. Richard Dean and Oliver Sensen (Oxford University Press)
  • “Feminist Approaches to Virtue Ethics,” (2018) Oxford Handbook of Virtue, ed. Nancy Snow (Oxford University Press)
  • “Feminist Virtue Ethics,” (2017), in Routledge Companion to Feminist Philosophy, ed. Ann Garry, Serene Khader and Alison Stone (Routledge)
  • “Self-Respect and Humility in Kant and Hill,” (2015) in Reason, Value, and Respect: Kantian Themes from the Philosophy of Thomas E. Hill, Jr., ed. Mark Timmons and Robert Johnson (Oxford University Press), pp. 42-69.
  • “Arrogance,” (2013) International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh LaFollette (Wiley-Blackwell), print and online
  • “Self-Respect and Self-Esteem,” (2013) International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh LaFollette (Wiley Blackwell), print and online
  • “Critical Character Theory: Toward a Feminist Theory of ‘Vice’” in Out From the Shadow, ed. Sharon Crasnow and Anita Superson (Oxford University Press, 2012)