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***Nine students were inducted into Phi Sigma Tau, the international Philosophy Honors Society in March and April. The members are:
Keegan Nichols '14, President
Candice Travice '14, Vice President
Danica Palacio '14, Secretary
Brandyn Bok '15, Treasurer
Andrew DeLena '14
Matthew Erbeck '14
Daniel Leal '16
Hyo Won Park '16
Ryan Spirko '16
Congratulations to all these fine philosophy students!

***Senior major Keegan Nichols '14 will be pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy at Georgia State University starting in Fall 2014. Congratulations, Keegan!

***Senior major Candice Travis '14 wil be pursuing an M.A. in Political Science at Lehigh University starting in Fall 2014. She was also awarded a competitive Teaching Assistantship by the Political Science Department. Congratulations, Candice!

***Senior major Danica Palacio will be attending medical school at Temple University starting in Fall 2014. Congratulations, Danica!

***Brandyn Bok '15 presented a paper on "Same Sex Marriage and the Capabilities of Children" at the Social Research Social Justice Conference, held at Muhlenberg College, April 4, 2014.

**Philosophy majors Candice Travis ‘14 and Keegan Nichols ’14 presented papers at philosophy conferences in Spring 2013. Candice presented a paper entitled, "The Anxious Leap Frog," at the Moravian College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.  Keegan presented a paper entitled, “A Bridge Between Two Worlds: The Tao of Immanuel Kant,” at the undergraduate philosophy conference at SUNY Oneonta.

**Keegan Nichols ’14 received the Ninash Foundation East-West Award for comparative philosophy in Spring 2013


Philosophy Majors 2013-14

Timothy Granata '14

Daniel Leal '15

Christine Martin '15

Keegan Nichols  '14

Danica Palacio  '14

Brittany Quirk  '14

Candice Travis  '14


Philosophy Minors 2013-14

Maria Christina DeCordoba '14

Nicholas Demosthenes '15

Matthew Erbeck '14

William Higgins '14

Brandi Klotz '14

Ryan Knouse '14

Tyler Mueller '14

Hyo-Won Park '16

Keith Sherman '14

Ryan Spirko '16